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LGM Group


With the aim to revolutionize the marbleindustry through standardization of product and qualities, In 1990, anImmaculate Executer and leading entrepreneur, Mr. Ashok Gour , laid thefoundation of L.G.M Group in the picturesque city of Makrana & Kishangarh,in India, Known as the marble cities today and famous for its Largest marblearea in Asia. Laxmi Gour Marbles (L.G.M Group) has been leaders for last 22years in Quarrying, Processing and Exporting and Importing of Marble, Graniteand other natural stones catering to the demand of many countries across theglobe. We are indeed a boutique providing the products way beyond thestandards.

L.G.M Group is powered by a young anddynamic business man and adventurer Mr. Sandeep Gour, an innovative youngsoftware Engineer Mr. Praveen Gour . The Group is nurtured and guided byfounder Mr. Ashok Gour.

As a major manufacturer of a variety ofmarble products, we possess the state of the art facilities equipped with allmodern technologies at space more than 4 acres land (over 10,000 sq. Yd.) . Our processing units with state of the art facilities comprisesvarious diamond gangsaws to convert a raw block into standard slabs, automaticslab polishing line to give the slabs a polished look, various cuttingmachines, and a branded automated Resin line to cater to the domestic andinternational markets. These combined form an integral part of technology heartto fulfil our global vision. With the help of all these we have set benchmarksin mining, processing and finishing of marble in this industry. Our largequarries and well equipped processing centres ensures regular supplies ofunique textures, shades and wide spectrum of colors ensuring execution of largescale projects and prompt delivery of finished goods.

Recently we started our new mines of PINKMARBLE in Udaipur range. We have our quarry spread over a large area in Udaipurbelt. We ensure regular supplies of unique textured and different patterns ofPink Marble Blocks from our quarries. Bestowed with unique texture and shadesmarble mined here is comparable to best in world. We have the impressivereserves of large quantity of Pink squared blocks ensuring the execution oflarge scale projects and guaranteed prompt delivery of finished slabs at anytime.

We have highly mechanized quarrying withstate of the art array of machineries like including excavators, diamond wiresaws, diamond chain saws, hydraulic multi drilling rod compressors, derrickcranes, dumpers and loaders.

We have established two manufacturing unitsand posses many marble mines in Katni (Madhya Pradesh) and Udaipur (Rajasthan)under the blessing shadow of our Managing Director Mr. Ashokji Gour. Some ofhis successful tasks by which this group achieved a milestone in marble Industryare as follows:

Laxmi Gour Marble India Pvt.Ltd, Udaipur, Raj


Introduced a quality marble product inIndustry. Managed Production Process at different level and assumedresponsibility for all production works at mining area. Executed new ways andlatest technologies at mines and Increased production from null to 1000 tonsper month in less than two months only. Able to fulfil large scale projects anddemands at any time.

Laxmi Gour Marble &Granites Pvt. Ltd., Kishangarh, Raj.                           Founder and Chairman

“Don't kill the dream - execute it” , provingthis, he executed his dream by establishing a one of the Largest Manufacturingand Processing Plant equipped with all modern and latest amenities andmachineries spread in more than 4 acresland (over 10,000 sq. Yd.)and set a new Benchmark  in Kishangarh Marble Industry. IntroducedKatni Marble by this unit and became second largest consumer sales trader inKishanagrh. Managed day to day operations and supervised more than 40 employeesand generating more than 100 million in annual sales. Resolved customer queriesin a timely fashion to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. Fulfilledmany large scale orders in given time.

Katni Mines, Madhya Pradesh                                                            

 “Prophesy is a good line ofbusiness, but it is full of risks.” Keeping this in mind and by taking a measuredrisk, purchased the mines in remote jungle area named Katni in Madhya Pradeshand introduced the Katni Marble in front of the world, which is today one ofthe largest selling Marble  in world.Set a new benchmark in Marble Mining Industry byproduction of more than 5000 tpm i.e. tones per month Marble Blocks and servingthe whole marble industry by Katni Marble. Performed continuous improvement inquantity of production and quality of services at mines area.

Laxmi Gour Marble Pvt. Ltd.,Makrana                   

Founded one of the First Gangsaw Unit in Makranaand served makrana marble industry by our latest techniques of slabsmanufacturing. Led the day to day operations of the key elements of companyi.e. Customer Sales, Job works, Stock Management etc. Developed InternalPolicies and Procedures resulting in sales growth in company annual sales.